Storage on local system. For the moment undefined. It can be SQLite simply Files or File. In the moment it’s a var/ directory in SAF-Client Project.


A Unique string to authenticate a client

init code

Immutable, this code is a part of the client and describes basics like how an where to connect to get updates. The Code is very small and provides just initial stuff. See /saf-client/software/ (TODO ref.)

work code

Code lives on the server but executes by client. This code is depends on client type. Default type is assigned by client registration! This is the code which will be provided by the server is performing the rest of actions. Which are: Load test procedures from the server, execute procedures, report non-compliant behavior and audit logs to the server, provide network failure and host failure resilience, …

control tests code

Procedures to call on the client machiene to test Network, Database, Health, Ports etc….