München, 20.11.2022


  • Vladislav A. Vorob’ev

  • Bergmannstraße 25

  • 80339 München

  • Tel.: +49 177 259 7575

  • job@vorobiev.de


  • 09.2008 Dipl.-Ing. Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

  • 06.2002 IT-System-Elektroniker

Interests and Objective

I am looking for new knowledge, innovation, professional challenges and interesting projects as Software Developer/Ops (Backend, Full Stack, Web, IoT, BigData, Database). I developing production software by using different languages and frameworks. Agile, Scrum, Test driven etc… are not a foreign concept for me.

Last years a was focus on: Python, Linux, RESTful API, OpenAPI, Swagger, RPC, Security, crawling, migration, integration, testing, tracing, monitoring; Frameworks like: Pyramid, FastAPI, Spark/pySpark, aiohttp, AWS Glue, Zope, Django, Flask, Vert.x, Grails, ops stack like Docker, lxc; DBMS’s like MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL (gis, bjson), MongoDB etc.; UI like HTML, CSS, JavaScript;

My current interest:
  • devops stuff Hashicorp stack like Nomad, Terraform also kubernetes

  • geo/gis: postgis, leaflet

  • Bigdata/ML: pySpark, TensorFlow, PyTorch, pandas, mathlib


2002–2009: University of Applied Sciences of Cologne
  • Dipl.-Ing. Elektrotechnik / Informationstechnik

  • Diplom: Detection of image regions and chars and classification with neuronal networks. Implementation of Hu-Moments (Translations-, Rotations- and Scale Invariance); Classification with Neuronal Networks; C - Dev

2005–2006: Lomonosov-University
  • Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetic (student exchange program)

1999–2002: Telefonbau Nagel GmbH, Cologne / Georg-Simon-Ohm-Berufskolleg
  • Double qualification as IT-Systemelektroniker and Fachabitur by Telefonbau Nagel GmbH (now Simply Communicate)

2005-2009: Seminars
  • Negotiation skills

  • Leave and work in global oriented world

  • International Project Management across borders

  • English (Wall Street Institute)

IT skills

Operation systems
  • Linux, Windows, iOS

  • Miscellaneous Linux based distribution like Debian, Ubuntu, Alpine (for docker) …

  • Understanding of Multiprocessing, Threading, Asynchronous I/O

Programming, markup languages and tools
Favorite programming languages
  • Python (including common of libs and frameworks), Groovy/JVM

  • I am also familiar with Java, JavaScript, PHP and C

  • (X)HTML, CSS, Chameleon, Zope Page Templates (ZTP), GSP, JSP, Jinja2, DTML, RestrucuredText(REST) / Sphinx …

  • and data exchange standards like JSON, XML, JWT …

Frameworks / libraries
  • Pyramid, FastAPI, aiohttp, asyncio, Vert.x, Grails, Zope2, zope, Scrapy, pySpark, Bootstrap, pytest, unittests…

  • also experience with Django, Plone, Flask, Tornado, AngularJS

Concepts, architectural styles and patterns
  • RESTful, API, RPC, oauth

  • client-server, event-driven, microservices, monolithic, peer-to-peer, service-oriented etc…

Ops, admin, build, CI/CD etc.
  • Docker, Compose, Jenkins, Concourse-ci

  • Experience Hashicorp (Terraform, Nomad, Packer, Consul), kubernetes (learning in progress).

  • GIT, Mercurial (hg), SVN, Gradle, pip, setuptools, Buildout

  • Bitbucket, GitHub, CI /CD, redmine, Atlassian stack

Relational databases (RDBMS)
  • Knowledge of SQL and many successful projects based on: PostgreSQL, MySQL

  • ORM-Mappers like SQLAlchemy, Django ORM, GORM, Hibernate, HQL

NoSQL / In Mem Grids / Queues
  • Knowledge of: MongoDB, Cassandra, ZODB, etc…

  • RabbitMQ, Hazelcast, Kafka, Redis, Memcached

High Available, Web, Cache, Proxys and Load-balancer, Clustering, Cloud
  • Successful projects with components like: Nginx, Apache, Memcached, Varnish, Pound, HAProxy, Heartbeat/Linux-HA, Squid

  • Docker, Linux Containers (LXC), KVM, QEMU, virtlib, cgroups, Hashicorp Stack (Nomad, Consul, Vault), K8s(in progress)

  • Experience with Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Hetzner and Container Repository

Network software, protocols, monitoring, emailing
  • Network and software monitoring with: Nagios, Munin, Zabbix etc.

  • Tracers/Metrics like Zipkin, Prometheus; Mailing with Exim, Spamassassin, Dovecot, Courier

  • Understanding of protocols like DNS, LDAP, TCP, IP, TCP/IP, RPC, HTTP, SSL, REST, FTP, POP, SMTP, IMAP, web-sockets, SockJs, TCP Load Balancing, Routing, Samba

  • Experience by using Network aggregation (Cisco/Dell + bonding on linux), BGP

  • Certificate and key management with OpenSSL, GnuPG, Letsencrypt.org, JWT, oauth

  • Net Filters like iptables/nftables; Diverse Sniffer-tools like wireshark, netcat, tcpdump

  • LDAP Authentication (against Microsoft Domain Controller or OpenLDAP)

  • Experience with protocols as SSL, SSH, IPSec, VPN

Enterprise / E-Commerce / Ads / SEO
  • Dev/Integration of ERP system in company over 250 employers

  • Understanding of E-Commerce processes; Integration ERP/CRM systems. Binding E-Pay-Systems like PayPal, Credit Card providers, SEO; Experience with API’s of Facebook, Twitter, Google, VK, LinkedIn, Telegram Yandex, Paypal etc; Using * API’s; Microdata (schema.org); Understanding of Targeting, remarketing and programmatic concepts (adServer, SSP, DSP etc.)

  • Knowledge of major software testing methods and concepts like unit, integration, functional, acceptance tests etc.

  • Most experience with pytest, mocks, junit…

  • Successful integration of diverse open source like Redmine, Jira, Bitbucket, Karl, Wikimedia etc

  • Using of PEP8, black and other language specific recommendations and IDE’s like Kdevelop, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, VSCode

  • Understanding concepts like/of UML, test automation, domain driven design, event bus, message queue etc

  • software tracing with OpenCensus, Zipkin, OpenJager etc…

  • Web crawlers for large Data collection with with python-scrapy, Beautiful Soup, asyncio;

Non IT skills

  • Working Agile, safety-conscious, customer-oriented and responsibly

  • Understanding DevOps and GitOps concepts

  • Project organizing, staffing, leading and controlling

  • Experience in leading of international miscellaneous Developer and designer Teams

  • Manage an IT - team till 15 persons (also as remote team members)

  • Organizing the time depending on the priorities

  • Remote working organization skills

  • Driving license and car available

Speaking languages

  • english - on good level

  • german, russian - on native level

Last relevant Projects

Last relevant projects / customers and employment relationship

05.2019–10.2022 SAP SE, Walldorf

Development Consulting Engineer

SAP is a German multinational software company based in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg. It develops enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations.

My goals:

A microservices based distributed software for automation of corporation audit processes was designed and develop and deployed. Standartized very light weight software components running isolated in different departments (on clients) collects, analyzing the data-states required for audit, alert the customers by audit-issues. Centralized Server components provides reports, visualization for the external auditors. All components are designed to run by hight load and network issues without loosing data.

Tec stack:

Python3, TCP, HTTP, SSL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, WebSocket, Linux, RESTful API, OpenAPI, sqlite, Pyramid, FastApi, asyncio, minio, multiprocessing, threading, aiohttp, pytest, Docker, minio, AWS, Google Clound, Kubernetes

Relationship: Time contract and continuously renewal of the agreement. Breaks from 1 to 5 month during time period.

05.2018–12.2021 Skoobe GmbH, Munic

Backend Developer

Skoobe operates a popular subscription service in a huge infrastructure. The stack include Mobile Apps (Android, Apple), REST-API, Databases, monolithic applications and microservices. Skoobe GmbH is member of Tolino Alliance.

  • Migration of microservices from python2.7 to python3, and from Java to python3

  • Development of microservices in python (async) and in Java

  • Development of RESP API’s

  • Development of GraphQL Server and API

  • Support by migration of monolithic applications to microservices, support by devops

  • Writing documentation

Tec stack:

Python2/3, FastAPI, Django, Tornado, asyncio, RESTful API, RPC API’s Java, Docker, Jenkins, AWS, mysql, Docker, hashicorp stack, Nomad Nginx, Python, LXML, SQLAlchemy, Hazelcast, Hibernate (Java ORM), Ubuntu, Alpine, Consul, Service Discovery, OpenAPI, Pydantic, Microservices, LXC, Packer, GraphQL, NoSQL, SQL

Relationship: 3 Month time contracts and continuously renewal of the agreements.

01.2018-2020 MAN Truck & Bus AG, Munic

Big Data Engineer Automotive

Processing Data from Emergency Brake Assist and Lane Assist: create a software for processing the CAN-BUS files blf, dbc and MDF 4.x for future graphical analysis. Bus and Trucks collecting data and save them to aws s3 storage (Terrabytes).

  • serialize and classify tarabytes of raw data

  • create alerts and triggers based data

  • migrate software from hardware intern servers to AWS cloud.

Tech stack:

apache spark (pyspark), Hadoop (hdfs), aws, gluejobs, spark inside glue-jobs, aws Athena, Impala/Hive, Linux, Docker, pytests etc.

Relationship: 6 Month time contracts and continuously renewal of the agreements.

01.2017–12.2018 Mozaiq Operations GmbH, Munic

IoT Developer and DevOps Engineer

MOZAIQ develops on an IoT platform makes connecting consumer devices and services as easy as can be. MOZAIQ’s online marketplace provides the ultimate hub for IoT business and enable a completely open ecosystem for both IoT device vendors and service companies looking to connect with each other, and thus creating new Internet of Things products. Shareholders are ABB, Bosch, and Cisco.

Developing asynchronous micro services oriented architecture with Vert.x as core micro-services, Grails 3.x for gui in a Scrum Team. Using languages Groovy(JVM), Java for and Python(Platform and Tests). Creating test cases and implement integration tests in Groovy (SpockTests) or Python(integration, functional). Develop connectors for different manufacturer like Bosh/Siemens (BSH), Osram, Philips, Netatmo, Regardia etc. Developing automatic tests for device clouds above. Develop platform based on Docker compose. Tracing by OpenCensus.

  • Asynchronous micro-services oriented architecture

  • Interplay of devices independent of the manufacturer over MOZAIQ cloud

  • Bringing together clouds from different manufacturers (also direct gateways)

  • Very high demands on data security

  • Horizontally scalable and highly available platform based micro-service Cluster (Kubernetes) for production and docker-compose for develop and testing

  • Market place for measures and Use Cases

  • Scrum team

  • Infrastructure as code

  • RESTful API

Tech stack:
  • Vert.X – Develop polyglot event-driven application framework that runs on the Java Virtual Machine is a core of the microservice.

  • Grails, Docker, MongoDB Cluster (Replicas + Sharding), Hazelcast, Groovy, Java, Gradle, GORM (Java/Groovy ORM), Python, Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, Nginx, Node.js, Concourse-CI, Jenkins.

Relationship: 6 Month time contracts and continuously renewal of the agreements.

01.2016–12.2016 N/A - Colone

Software Developer

For a Startup specialized on Lead generation. Project for prototyping and develop an ERP system.

  • Development of software and operations platform for Lead collection, processing and statistical reporting

  • Development of Ergonomic GUI based on Bootstrap(CSS) for Customers and Company Managers

  • Coordination of intern and extern employees (IT, UX)

My Role: Project Manager, Software Developer, System-Architect

Important specification points contain:
  • System technical Design / Architecture

  • Database Modeling, ORM Model

  • Migration of existing(Apache, PHP based) system to new technology stack

  • Data migration to new Database Model in production

  • Development of business logic

  • API (many foreign partners)

  • High-availability cluster and Hosting solution

Tech stack:
  • Pyramid (Python minimalistic framework for rapidly development)

  • Front-End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, ReactJS (Landing pages)

  • Databases: MySQL, Redis, mysql

  • Languages: Python3, JavaScript, SQL

  • Other: Nginx, Debian GNU/Linux, Docker, Exim, Integration via API (mostly REST) with partners

Relationship: 12 Month time contract

05.2015–12.2015 N/A - Cologne

Software Developer, System-Architect

Localized online shop and warehouse Management System for global market.

Develop an Online-Shop and Backend system (Web Application) with focus on Product SEO, light weigh interface, quick response times, with generic responsible HTML5 Layout. Company sells world wide and would like to adapt all the system and simplify the process of product publishing. The Front of the Shop should be internationalized and localized (multiple languages, multiple currencies, multiple warehouse and the taxes management).

Important specification points contain:
  • One Product Database with most important unique attributes, localized Product Database

  • Localized: layout, sales process, payments, taxes etc. for full localization and internationalization.

  • Possibility to implement new front-ends, for example for Asia Market (modular)

  • Start Skins for DE, RU, SP, and rest of EU(English) Countries.

  • Back-office to manage products, sales and customers.

  • Migration life migration of all orders and customers from current system.

Tech stack:
  • Pyramid

  • Front-End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS v1

  • Databases: ZODB (File Storage), PostgreSQL

  • Languages: Python 3.5, JavaScript, SQL

  • Other: Nginx, Debian GNU/Linux, LXC

Relationship: 7 Month time contract

Before 2015 I worked in projects also in regular jobs:

  • Head of IT department (regular job, leading up to 10 person)

  • Automatic data competitors monitoring alerts (project)

  • Team Lead and Core Developer (GIS project, PostGIS, GeoServer) https://mymir.org

  • CTO (regular job in a startup, leading up to 10 person) etargeting LLC

  • Software Development Manager (regular job) etargeting LLC

  • Senior Software Engineer (regular job) https://www.positiv-multimedia.de (python, zope, plone, php)

  • Real estate exchange portal (project)

  • Hosting Solution (project)

  • Python Component Framework (project)


I started develop from 2002 and with C, ASP, PHP, Java and very soon switched python and Zope. I hide here older projects and job relationship’s up to 2015 because don’t find them relevant any more (ask me if need). I also worked as Manager and CTO in 2 Companies but I like systems and code, I like it to find new technical solutions so I concentrate me on development and system operations.