vavpc - solutions that work

On this page I will try to give information about past and current projects, describe what I (we) know how to do. Unfortunately, there is not always enough time to develop this page. But here you will always find an autual profile.

At the moment I am focused on the following topics.

Python / Asyncron / Parallel

For the moment python covers all the requements. I focus on new concepts and experiments with new language features.

Databases / Big Data

Databases like MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL are used in 90% in my projects and discovering some cloud solutions.

I’m using Apache Spark native also AWS Glue Jobs.

Hosting solutions

I develop hosting solutions based on Open Source components like nginx, haproxy, apache etc.

  • Bare-Metal

  • aws

  • google

Convert Web to data

Get the data automaticaly from web (web crawling) cleaning up, normalizing, converting…


I’m always looking for new projects, please check my Profile. I’m happy to exchange about new interesting projects.